About Brileigh Computer Services

Brileigh Computer Services started life in 1989 and has had the same management since then. The background of its founder was not purely in technology but in marketing and business management and that background underpins our approach to our work.

The company’s early services were in training, support and general consultancy. Although we still provide these types of services these days we are more likely to be helping small business solve specific productivity problems, often using custom designed and built software solutions.

Technology vendors often propose complex solutions and some employ lock-in strategies to preserve long-term income streams. Frequently we are engaged to review or assist our customers to implement systems and services from other vendors, by becoming a consulting layer solely acting for our customer interests in their dealings with these vendors.

Allied to that is our philosophy of providing source code and development notes for any custom software we produce. We want our customers to want to continue using our services because they feel happy, safe and getting good value rather than feeling they are locked-in to us. Custom software is usually not a trivial investment and you do not want to feel that if you ever wanted to change vendors that you are locked into the existing vendor because of the investment you have already made, so we make it easy for you to change away from us, but hope that we are doing everything right so that you will want to stay.

We have a belief in evolution rather than revolution. We like to build solutions in incremental stages so that not only the investors in these solutions feel comfortable but that their staff and other users of the systems get time to adapt to change and can have input into its direction.